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Jason E.R. Hedrington: Piano, Arturia Vintage Keyboard V Collection
Sylvia Popichak: Vocals
Dave Johnsen: Bass
Pete Ciccone: Drums

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved. Copyright 2020


When I Sleep I Dream
“love is more thicker than forget...
it is most mad and moonly” --e.e. cummings

Look at my garage. I got three. My husband’s on his knees in the garden.
The Prozac’s in the nightstand right next to the Viagra blue.
The kids are gone. Nelly’s bringing them home. Some another school function.
Home sometime ‘round 9 to kill my peace of mind, and I’m all out of wine.
Oh, what a night we’ll have in here tonight.

But when I sleep I dream of a boy who used to love me, but I was so angry then.
The pills are kickin’ in.

And now I got the life I always said I wanted,
But he couldn’t provide touring the nation rockin’ out.
Don’t fall in love with a hippie I tell ya now;
They’ll show you things you wish you could forget about.

In this empty house full of bills on the table
The life I imagined then turned out to be a fable
Just like the one in the picture he painted of all you need is love...
How I grew to hate him.

But when I sleep I dream of the way he used to hold me.
I thought there was more to life--I would not compromise.

OH, GOD! What have I done?
OH, GOD! I went and gave up on love.
The chemicals--they don’t help enough.
Oh, God. OH, GOD!

But when I sleep I dream.