GWhat Y'all Be Sayin' Abouts HeadEye:


"If a UFO abductee were forced to do LSD as part of an alien experiment...this is close to what they’d experience."

                                                                                                                      --Aaron Bray, Somewhere in Los Angeles

"Closed my eyes and thought it was Bowie."

                                               --Scott Walters, PA/NJ Border Quadrant

"Wow, I’m gonna call that fully entertained!"

                                        --Laura Wilson-Crimmins, Nice Parts of New York. The State. 

"This is mental!!!!!!!!!!  It’s 4am in Berlin and I feel like flying to the moon...I’m walking on the Milky Way again. I’m sitting on the U-bahn train to Alexanderplatz but it feels like going to MARS. Damn! I forgot to leave the train. Your song got me! This could be the official European Union’s anthem." 

                                         --Michal Zak, Presumed Still Lost on a Train Somewhere in Berlin, Germany

"You’ve been live for three and a half hours?! What is this...A Phish show?"

                                                                                      --Matt Wolf, Bethlehem Public Library

"The chameleon king of the keyboards, the polymorphous prince of piano, the multifarious magician of the Moog."  

                                                                              --Nate Fehlauer, Big City Vibes, Wisconsin. Also Good With Words

“Out of this world” 

                 --Dawn Moser, Art and Ooftah in The Valley

"Feel like we are in a Berlin club."

                  --Edyta Rogowska, More of Das German Contingent 

"Like a bad acid trip” 

                   --Peter David Lambdin, Local Ne'er Do Well

“No. Definitely a good acid trip.” 

                     --Noel Hanson, Old School Band Guy From Northwestcentral Wisconsin

"The Real Beetlejuice." 

                       --Sam Beedle, Righteous Theater Improv Babe of the Pennsylvania Tribe

"One twisted string bean." 

                         --William Hartnett, Interdimensional Oregonian 

"The most fun I have ever seen anyone have by themselves."

                           --Lynne Carney-Who, of the Bucks County Whos 

"Fucking sick."

                  --Darrell Hanlon, Goodest Ol' Florida Boy 

"Chills. Beautiful."

                   --Danille Notaro, One Who Would Know 

"This version of 'Good Hearted Woman' is the best thing ever today on the interwebs. OHMYBALLS!" 

                                   --Matthew Williams, A Lead Singer Type Guy and Passionate Minnesotan & Hockey Buff

"The Man.”

           --Troy Van Sleet, Also A The Man in the Midwest

"Everyone’s heard of speed metal, but thank the genius Gil Powers for speedcountry…Boy howdy he sure knows how to slap them keys. KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE UNIVERSE."

      --Paul Iocono, Another Fine Italian

"Pretty epic."

          --Brad Yeakel, All-Around Colorado Guitar Dudeliness 

"God is smiling on HeadEye.”

                             --Alyssa Lou Allen, of the Three-Headed Philadelphians 

"That is 70’s Gold!” 

                 --Sandra Day Klein, Good Samaritan 

"Very Devo. You put the feeda in uffdah." 

                                                --Mark Berglund, Guitar Songwriter Lake Minnetonka Guy 

"Always impressed by your lighting...just keeps getting better. Well played, Mr Spock." 

                                                                                 --Ryan Harrington, King of the Minnesota-Germany Fusion Blues 

"That is a full sensory experience. Like Randy Newman on mescaline." 

                                                            --Fred True, Engineer Type Hanging Around Delaware River Haunts

"Bringing it back old school." 

                                  --Stacie Boyne-Shirock, Certified Old School Lehigh Valley Punk 

"You are crazy it!"

                                       --Amber Linhart, The Pride of Chippewa 

"Gave me legit goosebumps! ...suuuper heavy Zappa vibe."

                                    Whit Lee Cook, Southside via Taylor Ham, NJ