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New POSTER. T-shirt designs, hoodies & masks! Plus Album Gift Boxes, Sticker Packs, and CUSTOM ITEM OPTIONS!

There's a lot of new exciting things happening with HeadEye swag! Here's some helpful starter info OR just scroll on down for MERCH:

FIRST: our friends at Shattered Dream Designs are now running our APPAREL SITE. In addition to SEVERAL new t-shirt designs, colors and sizes (featuring a few of our UFO Crew characters) we've also added HeadEye masks and a full line of HOODIES. Follow this here link to  https://store.shattereddreamdesigns.com/collections/headeye-productions for factory direct savings! There's a short sign-up to track your packages and enter you into FREE GIVEAWAY promotions. Pictures of examples below! 

Like HeadEye Shattered Dream Designs is a new start-up independent printing company with a couple dudes handling all the business, so after you're done perusing HeadEye gear please visit their home page and support this new HeadEye partner! 

Further below you'll see our HEADEYE GIFT BOXES. This $20 package gets you the full digital album download on a special eyeball USB packed with fun behind-the-scenes extras like photos, videos and more! It's also your ticket to future HeadEye singles! Invest now, get more great digital stuff later!

But maybe most exciting of all we are now offering CUSTOM ITEMS! Shattered Dreams has a TON of cool merch options and we'll be rolling new things out over time, but for now if there's something YOU want just LET US KNOW! We can put any current HeadEye character or design on just about anything you can dream up--from basics like long-sleeved shirts and hats to coffee mugs, pillows, blankets, and more. Email your idea to jason@headeye.org and let's make your vision a reality! 

After you're done purchasing please visit the home of HeadEye Art Director Nate Fehlauer at https://wiscyjones.com/  Nate's been doing an interstellar-sized job for us designing ALL this merch, so please consider Wiscy Jones Creative for all your design needs! 

Any questions or concerns at all PLEASE email us! Now...scroll on for your HeadEye shopping therapy! 

Tour Poster!
  • Tour Poster!
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It's the HeadEye Sci-Fi geeks Intergalactic Tour Poster! Find your favorite Sci-Fi space ports and bars from across the Local Group of galaxies! $5 + $5 S&H

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STICKERS (Individual and Collector's Pack)

EARTH GIRLS Album Gift Box

HawkEye Gift Box
  • HawkEye Gift Box
  • HawkEye Gift Box
  • HawkEye Gift Box
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Hawk Sticker HeadEye Candies HeadEye USB with FULL ALBUM, Lyrics, Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos and future Earth Girls releases emailed directly to you.

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Gift boxes come with the custom USB stick (filled with the EARTH GIRLS album and special outtakes), HeadEye candies, and sticker.