Ship's Captain

Grand Composer, Ministry of Entertainment, Tralfamadore 6, Tralfamadorian System, Magellenic Clouds.

Recommissioned Head of Research (Behavior & Archaeology), Ministry of Science, Earth Division. 

Author of High Council Historical Documents "Earth Girls" and "Earth Gods."

Full HeadEye bio:

The Head TrEyeumvirate (Triangle Earth Knights)

Jason E.R. Hedrington

Musical Director and Ship's Historian

All Music, Lyrics, Arrangements, Analog and MIDI Keyboards, and Drum Programming. 

Lead Vocals "Slippery Sister," "Disappear Now," "Love Song," and Male Vocals "Ja Aber Nein," and "The Lovesong of J. Eugene Hedrington." 

Plus a bunch of Background Vocals, some more stuff, and other things.  

Jason has been the acting Earth Ambassador and representative of all things HeadEye via symbiosis after their meeting one fateful night in UFOgelsville, PA when, as Jason descrives it, waves of energy pulsated across the corm field next to his home and "the skies opened up" after a black triangle craft silently passed over--an event documented by MUFON. 

John Paul DeBard

Studio 73, Ship's Helmsman. Head of Away Team.

EARTH GIRLS Producer. Engineer. Mixing & Mastering, and additional Arrangements.

There he was walking home from a Bob Dylan concert at Bethlehem's Stabler Arena humming Led Zeppelin's "Ten Years Gone" to himself when HeadEye's scout UFO passed by, heard John Paul, and landed to approach him. With a smile and without missing a beat he said "well, I guess I should welcome you to Earth. I'm the Indie Rock Pope." As HeadEye had been looking for a musical spiritual guide versed in the ways of Earth Rock a fast friendship and working relationship was formed. They spend their days discussing the delicate balance between weird ideas and their mantra of "What's best for the song." 

Nate Fehlauer

HeadEye Art Director. Satellite Imagery and Holodeck Programing & Maintenance.

All HeadEye Album and Character Art, Design, and Layout. Art Production Liason and Manager. 

Owner-Operator at Wiscy Jones Creative. 

A songwriting guitarist himself Nate "The Kid" Fehlauer is one of the few Earthling ambassadors represented in the mothership. Rumour has it there are cassette tapes floating around from the time Nate brought the Hair Metal, HeadEye brought The Grateful Dead, and their pal Matt brought The Black Crowes and they formed what was by all accounts the greatest band in the history of Wisconsin, Plaid Goat. 

The Mothership Officers


Ship's First Officer. Navigator and Counselor.

Rescued during his first research trip (a routine mission in the Sirius System's Sopdet Stargate) the Mermutt has been HeadEye's loyal companion ever since. Elevation to trusted First Officer status was a mixed blessing for Mermutt as it assured her place in the cockpit on every mission (thereby never leaving HeadEye's side) but the responsibilities of the station wear thin, and Mermutt is known to swing wildly from ecstatic enthusiasm to annoyance on the way to absolute despondency. Rumored to be referred to as Serious Sammy. But it's suggested you don't do that. 

Dipper Dubhe

Ship's Head Engineer and Chef

The newest member of The Officers Crew Dipper was picked up during HeadEye's Outer Orion Arm mission to refurbish the ship with updated Rigellian components. A chance meeting in a holographic club lead Dipper to be hired to fill the ship's vacant Head Engineer position--a decision Dipper has quite vocally lamented ever since. As a member of an advanced race possessing energy harnessing powers superior to all other Local Cluster beings the fiercely loyal Dipper performs his menial tasks (many not in the original discussion) begrudgingly but faithfully. 

Dr. Roberto

Ship's Medical Officer, Ethnobotanist, and EDM Specialist.

"Doc," as he's known around the ship, is a popular figure in the Disco room. His duties as medical officer include collecting samples of medicinal herbs and roots on the worlds HeadEye explores...all of which he enthusiastically samples himself first. 

Dr. Roberto sometimes takes over the webcasts to present the droid-based electronic music that will be featured on his own solo album. Everyone on the ship knows him by his mantra "it'll cure what ails ya...and what doesn't ail ya too." 

Doc represents the current zenith of positronic brain development including taste receptors and chemical reaction processing--a side effect of which has led to sometimes being found incapacitated in "deep meditative synaptic trance" right when he is needed most. 


Ship's Security Officer and Recon.

Don't mess with HawkEye. 

In fact, don't even say HawkEye's name.

That's enough talk about HawkEye.

The Mothershippin' Flight Crew