Mike Duck Reviews And Covers HeadEye LIVE!

Not For Coltrane Acoustically Interprets "Facebook Booty Call" & throws props on weekly YouTube show. July 7th, 2021

"...just a really good song--catchy as hell, it's sexy, and it's also...the most wholesome song you can possibly imagine about a booty call...Jenny Founds does a PHENOMENAL job on vocals...there's such an earnestness and a sweetness in both Jenny's delivery of it and Jason's...the modern fantasy for our time...very very cool song." 

Schoof Interviews HeadEye about "Facebook Booty Call" Single

"Headeye dials up a musical love connection on Facebook-inspired new single"                             November 19, 2020 

"...a tongue-in-cheek, genre-bending romp that showcases Hedrington’s lyrical fortitude and sense of humor — falling somewhere between Frank Zappa and Ben Folds, with Founds’ powerful vocals front and center."


Ralph Pagano @Voices of the Valley Reviews HeadEye CD!

"HeadEye: The Next Chapter" June 11, 2021

"Yes meets Frank Zappa and Warren Zevon...a wide range of very interesting and entertaining music that steps well outside the main stream...amazing production." 

Ralph Pagano at VOICES OF THE VALLEY Reviews New Double-A-Side Single

"Headeye – Old School with a New Twist"


"Ja Aber Nein" Release INTERVIEW by Dustin Schoof 

 Second sighting: Headeye returns to Earth with prog-pop single, 'Ja Aber Nein'

March 18, 2020


INTERVIEW by Dustin Schoof from dustinschoof.com

"First contact: Jason Hedrington on the cosmic rock 'n' roll journey of HeadEye" 

December 10, 2019


THE MORNING CALL report on the Lehigh Valley Music Awards nominations:


"Veteran performers roar back to top Lehigh Valley Music Award nominations." 



DEC 09, 2019 |