1. Love Song
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Jason E. Hedrington: All vocals and instruments (Arturia Vintage Keyboard V Collection)

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved. Copyright 2020



The hardest thing for me--to write or to sing--as you have seen
Is a love song--when all the world’s serene

I just tend to lean--on loves that were mean--MusiCal therapy
Has always been my modus operandi

Oh, Tommy B--he taught me--that love is hard, hate’s easy compared
(Get back, take a whack)
Jack Keroac wrote that I hope that Jack would agree...that

Everybody’s gotta have a long song--entitled love song
So this is my love song--to you
And I really hope that you find it awesome--cuz you’re awesome
And it really took a long time to write this Love Song for you

I hope that you see--through all my whimsy--and tendency
To let the melodies--speak--for me

I’ve been a Goonie--with a skeleton key--searchin’ for Willie
Unable to see fantasy turn to reality

But yet there you are--a single star--outshining all of the galaxy
(Gene, Gene, have you seen?)
(It’s) not pseudo-scientific you’re just terrific to me


I’ll say that it’s Zen as it sounds like hippie shit
At this station of life I just tend to flow with it
The calm of the abyss, and my bandaged up heartbreaks
I’m an iron rod, steady-on ship-shape

So things can just happen, or things can just not
It’s all the same to me--nothing to do with your love
The past, the past, the past--Such a funny fellow
With his willy-nilly passions self-fulfilling his own gallows

If only you’d been there when his horse jumped every cliff
His caution without care, his heart knowing no risk
That’s the him that you deserve, not this lobster in his shell
Locked within his ways, his mind deep down the well

Not blind to the final precious tragic irony
Knowing he’s aloof before the love of which he dreamed

Looking at what I write--did I get it right? Did the love show through silly rationality?

If you don’t mind--I’ll be kind and rewind--then you’ll find it fine next time you’ll see