1. Disappear Now
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Jason E.R. Hedrington: Vocals, Piano, Moog Voyager, YAMAHA PSR-70 Drum Programming, Arturia Vintage Keyboard V Collection
Ryan Harrington: Guitar

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved. Copyright 2020



When I was young I used to kick the Atari when I got mad
Along the way I made the conscious decision not to act like such a dickhead
I found the Tao of Pooh, Buddha, Krishna too, and then came unconditional love
Lucky you--I can’t be mean to you but can you hear me if I’m nice?

It was early on--you got yer Jersey on,
You said “grab me, shake me if you wanna get through to me.”
I gave you a hug instead and listened as you purged your head and woke up
To find you gone

So now I’m gonna take a crack at forgetting you
But these Facebook memories make it hard
To forget what a shit person you decided to be
And blamed it all on me
Oh what a legacy
You left behind!
And now I’ve left you behind
So if you don’t mind, Facebook--SHUT UP!

It’s sorta sad and sorta funny how we started with a beer
Then that shit tore us down
Sex and sixpack on the couch
Where I’m sleeping now
As you roll around town

I guess I’ll see you on the porch in morning
Where we pretend that we can still be friends
So I think that I will disappear now
For a while
Maybe more

Are any of us really what we appear to be
I should consider that fact
When I look back
At all these happy times

Facebook--SHUT UP!
I think I’ll disappear now
Facebook--SHUT UP!
I think I’ll disappear now
Facebook--SHUT UP!
I think I’ll disappear now