1. Irish Medoly
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Alyssa Lou Allen, Emma Ackerman, Sylvia Popichak, Justin Fava, Jason E.R Hedrington: Vocals
Silagh White: Bassoon/Additional Arrangement
Emma Ackerman: Flute

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved. Copyright 2020



“Musha ring dumb a doo dumb a da”

From redwoods to the Blue Ridge way
(to) hills of Killarney
(in) ev’ry door and alley way
You Irish Melody

Still sings in silver stormy skies
Runs free through fields so green
Your song’s not long but holy ground
Is where it buried dreams

When there’s no lies, through child’s eyes,
Shall Heaven’s gate wide swing
(so) When your fearless heart opened
The angels cheered and singed

(‘til the) Glory of God’s own true love (doused by)
Doubt’s mad tragedy
Became the unfilled prophecy
Of your Irish Melody