1. Ja Aber Nein
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Jason E.R. Hedrington: Piano, Male Vocals, Moog Voyager, Kontakt Brass, Lids
RAP Written and Performed by Sarah Sordid
Additional Arrangements: John Paul DeBard

Samantha Beedle: Mermaid Mama Narration
Alyssa Lou Allen: Lead Vocals, Chorus Harmonies
Edyta Rogowska: Harmonies & Wails
Erik Santana: Sitar-Guitar
Shawn Cavanaugh: Bass
Bret Halbert: Drums
Barry “Bee:” Sax
Emma Ackerman: Flute
Silagh White” Bassoon

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved Copyright 2020


“The bamboozle has captured us.”
-Carl Sagan

Don the mask, slip inside the shiny armour and project the hologram
Tell me all about the things that you thought that told you I’m not your man
Present the version of yourself you think I’ll purchase and begin the era of the lie
How your gut said SHUT UP to all the love in your heart and mind

Breathing through my solar plexus to unlock the chakra that’s blocked
Where we store all the words thoughts and feelings that go untalked
I can feel you ‘cross the river getting high fighting feelings you can’t repress
Why we do all these things that we do, well, it’s anybody’s guess

When we’re faced with forever the answer is always YES...

I never had such a heat in my heart before. BUT NO!
I had a vision of what love could be and you’re more. BUT NO!
Waking up in the middle of the night to say I loves ya. BUT NO!
I’m seeing unicorns and fairies and rainbows wherever I go. BUT NO!

When we’re faced with forever the answer is always YES…

Uhhh...seriously...give me strength
Well what the hell do you want me to say?
It’s not gonna work, I gotta be straight
My mind’s made up--it’s not gonna change
No matter how much you want me to stay
It was just infatuation--not real love
A flash in the pan, a fling, a phase what happened between us
It’s just the way that love goes these days
We get swept off our feet, and we get carried away
But when the spark goes we get bored, our minds change
It’s really nothing--nothing so strange
So pull yourself together, man, grow a thicker skin
Cuz right now you’re coming across just like a little wimp
And if you’re so easily swept off your feet
It’s gonna happen again and again with every girl that you meet

When we’re faced with forever--FOREVER!-- the answer is always YES! YES! YES! BUT NO!!!!