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“The School of Rock Drinking Teachers Club”
Jason E.R. Hedrington: Piano, Kontakt Brass & Woodwinds, Moog Voyager, Arturia Vintage Keyboard V Collection.
Mike Roi: All Male Vocals
Jenny Founds: Background Vocals and Sass
Shawn Cavanaugh: Bass
Jesse Braun: Drums
Emma Ackerman: Flute
Silagh White: Bassoon

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved Copyright 2020


“She said, 'Come here, I'm going to make you all clammy inside.'”
--Harry Nilsson, “Joy”

Woke today realized I gotta girlfriend
It just happened she’s such a surprise
But ain’t that the way they say it happens?
Manna falls right from the sky; Satori kicks ya ‘tween the eyes
And then you’re wrapped up

Feeling little fits of forever
The past done dropped out feel no bottom
Just floatin’ on a notion of the real thing
What I got gets returned and some
Feels so good to have no questions
I think I’m wrapped up

I think I will stop all of my thinking
Hop upon the horse and just ride
Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention
She kisses me and I take flight upon this peace growing inside
Yeah, I am wrapped up--Look at my full cup!

Wee-ooo! I gotta girlfriend!