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Jason E.R. Hedrington: Lead & Background Vocals, YAMAHA PSR-70 Drum Programming, Piano, Moog Voyager, Arturia Vintage Keyboard V Collection
Nikki Bitler: Slippery Sister Vocals
Shawn Cavanaugh: Guitar

All music and lyrics by Jason E. Hedrington. All rights reserved Copyright 2020


“I wonder if the explanation is even more complex than we imagine at present”
--Vera Rubin

OO! I see her movin I see her groovin and I am Finklestein
Counting the millions--of solar masses on which her galaxy has dined

Let’s hear a cheer for the Slippery Sister
Sweet reliever of all you got going wrong
Event horizon eyes promise stellar surprise
The freqie lady you’ve waited for so long
But gaze in deeper her V-ger secret
Is a castle wall that you’ll never climb
In her moat the bodies float
And every one of them thought he’d be her guy
NO they weren’t stupid, NO they weren’t schemers,
Neophytes nor star-gazer dreamers
They paid the price of dying twice
They heard the Siren and became believers

Once the sensors see her it’s too late to escape
Just hang on and pray. Noodling t’wards the singularity.

A star collapsing past supernova can come alive again
She’s spitting quasars past the horizon and I’m alive again

If you slide with the slippery sister
You’ll wake in agony some stardate
Shocked to find she sucked you blind
Skeleton, soul have both been given away
Is it worse to believe she tricked you
Or worse to know you knew all along
You meditate to create perfection
Too late! This hawk has already flown

Once you’re in her it’s too late to escape
Just hang on and pray. Super massive black hole, odelay!

Caught in the clutches--binary system--no escape velocity
But if you listen--you might catch wind of what she won’t but wants to say

Like a dream, the light I’ve seen....sliding slippery, silver-blue mercury...poured warm in every open pore, body’s every cell vibrating, pulling me skyward to rest...on a blue lagoon bed--a presence--like a single eye all around me--healing love, igniting flame...and a name written in the stars….making the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun

Just watch her spinning--see her dying--and come alive again
Celestial ballerina--we kilonova--and come alive again

Spacetime slowly bending, time loop neverending, MC-squared equaling E

“I had an experience I can't prove, I can't even explain it, but everything . . . tells me that it was real. I was part of something wonderful” [Carl Sagan, CONTACT] How can I love another?
Who could ever compare?